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Canada: Study Abroad


Canada is a bilingual nation of English and French. French is used as an everyday language in the Province of Quebec where more than 80% of the population speaks it as a native language. Importance is attached to bilingual education throughout Canada. Students from the French-speaking regions often travel to either the west or east coast to study English; students in the English-speaking regions travel to the Quebec area to study French. The English spoken by Canadians is relatively close to American English, with no extreme peculiarities in pronunciation.

English Language Study

Canada is a popular destination for international students due to its high level of quality education. British Columbia has many students from Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, and China. Toronto hosts many European students. In the summer season, the number of foreign students enrolled in the schools located on the coasts greatly increases. Students who wish to attend a school with lower numbers of foreign students should consider studying in an inland province.

Types of English Language Schools

In Canada there are English language training institutions attached to universities or community colleges as well as private English language schools. Although no organization exists to accredit English language schools, the Council of Second Language Programs in Canada, which has a membership of about 70 universities and colleges that offer courses in English or French, the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS), and the Private English Language Schools Association (PELSA), whose members are all private language schools, work to maintain the quality of member schools and their instruction.
English Language Training Institutions Attached to Universities

Canada has close to 90 schools with four-year programs. Many schools have their own language training institutions. These programs originally aimed to strengthen students' insufficient language skills in preparation for entrance into the host university. Many schools now offer basic-level English programs to compete with private language schools. English course terms usually parallel the schedule of degree courses offered by the host university.
English Language Schools Attached to Community Colleges

There are 175 two-year colleges, most of which are public schools and offer ESL or EFL courses. Usually, English language schools are included as an official part of the host college rather than an independent language training institution. Students can take college credit courses after attaining a certain level of proficiency. It is also possible to enroll in a degree program after completing the more difficult ESL courses and attaining a high ability level.
Private English Language Schools

Private English schools are often located in urban areas and offer smaller classes with personal attention given to students. Many courses incorporate skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities into the academic curriculum. Specialized courses are also available which incorporate tourism, business, and computers.

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