Please note that due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, many institutions have suspended on-campus instruction and are holding classes online until further notice. Due to increased travel restrictions, reduced visa services and public health quarantines, study abroad options may be affected. ApplyESL recommends contacting your program of interest and local embassy or consulate to obtain the latest updates.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Q&A

What do I need to do if I want to change my course before I arrive?

You must contact your school's admissions office immediately by e-mail, telephone, or fax if you need to change your course. When contacting the admissions office, be sure to provide your full name, your enrollment identification number, the date you applied to the school's program and the course starting date in order for the office to help you. Once the course change request has been received, you should be sent a revised invoice and enrollment confirmation reflecting the new course. Be sure to check after you receive the new invoice whether you need to send additional money or if you might be due a refund. Refund policies differ at each school so make sure you check with the admissions office and be patient as most refund issues take some time. Most schools require that full payment be made for your requested course prior to your first class, so make sure you take care of this before you arrive. Also, make sure you inform the school of your housing arrangements prior to arriving. In particular, remember to contact the school if there are any changes to your arrival details or if you have any special requests for your host family. As your hosts will be important to you during your stay, be sure to make all arrangements well ahead of time so you can make a good first impression.