Please note that due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, many institutions have suspended on-campus instruction and are holding classes online until further notice. Due to increased travel restrictions, reduced visa services and public health quarantines, study abroad options may be affected. ApplyESL recommends contacting your program of interest and local embassy or consulate to obtain the latest updates.

University of North Texas (UNT)

Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) [Denton, Texas]

Academic English

Please Read Carefully Before You Apply

  1. Your online application will be e-mailed directly to the school. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided by the school in order to complete the application process. Applicants are advised to send questions directly to the school admissions office to ensure the quickest response.
  2. Some courses may have an application deadline that is determined by the school. You are strongly advised to submit your application well before the course start date.
  3. When submitting your online application, prepare to send a copy of your passport to the school. You may be requested to pay a tuition deposit and submit additional documents such as a bank statement. Your school may also require you to submit forms with your signature for security purposes. Please follow instructions carefully in order to complete the enrollment process.
  4. You must obtain a student visa in order to legally enter the United States and enroll in your chosen English program. When applying for your student visa, you will submit the I-20 Form received from your school, and other documents, to the United States Embassy or Consulate. We encourage you to apply to your school far in advance of your start date, in case you experience delays receiving your student visa.

Required Documents

(You may upload documents with the application or send them to the school.)

 Copy of Passport (I.D. Page)

 High School/College Diploma


All documents must be in English. If they are not in English, you must provide a certified English translation (with the translator’s certifications) in addition to the original document.

 Bank Statement


-Documents must be in English, or we must have the original language version and a certified English translation stamped by the financial institution.
-The bank statement must include the account holder’s name, date, account type in English, account balance, and currency type.
-The date on the bank statement must be less than twelve (12) months old when the I-20 is issued.
-Documents must have a signature, official seal, or be on letterhead from an official agency.
-If the statement is a web printout, it must include the web link/URL.

 Additional Document: IELI Statement of Financial Responsibility


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