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Directors Recommend University-Based ESL Programs

Amongst the many English language programs available to students, some of the best are at universities. Many university-based academic programs offer an excellent opportunity for students to acquire English skills that will help them in their future careers. We are pleased to introduce some of the directors from these prestigious programs at American universities. Consider carefully why so many students choose university-based English language programs for their educational needs.


Mr. David Quinn, Academic Director
Columbia University
American Language Program
Founded in 1911, the American Language Program (ALP) is one of the oldest programs in English as a Second Language (ESL) in the United States. Our students learn from outstanding faculty members who are proven leaders and published authors in the field of ESL. ALP students enjoy the many advantages of studying at Columbia, a member of the distinguished Ivy League. We are located on the Upper West Side of New York City, a vibrant center of American arts, finance, and world-class entertainment. Our staff looks forward to meeting you in New York City and helping you achieve your academic dreams.


Mr. Peter McCagg, Director
New York University
American Language Institute
The American Language Institute (ALI) has been a fixture at New York University (NYU), one of the largest schools in the country, since 1945. Every year, many students improve their English skills and knowledge of American culture at the school. The various programs of study offered at NYU are all closely linked to the university, to the surrounding Greenwich Village neighborhood, and to this great city. The school is immersed in a diverse neighborhood of various ethnicities and located close to many famous tourist attractions. The ALI strives to help students adapt to a rigorous university life, and to immerse themselves in the culture and the excitement of one the world's most vibrant cities.


Ms. Margot Valdivia, Director
Boston University
CELOP/Center for English Language & Orientation Programs
Located on the East Coast, in an area with many other famous universities, the Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP) offers rigorous English courses, a high-quality international education and exciting activities outside the classroom for many students who attend each year. Enrolled students can freely use the facilities of the university campus, participate in campus activities and immerse themselves in American culture. With high-quality educational facilities and a cosmopolitan campus in a traditional university town, students find studying at CELOP to be an enjoyable and exciting experience for their future endeavors.


Mr. James Riedel, Director
College of Liberal and Professional Studies
University of Pennsylvania
English Language Programs
Part of a distinguished family of eight Ivy League schools, The University of Pennsylvania, is located in the diverse city of Philadelphia and close to many interesting attractions along the East Coast. English Language Program (ELP) students enjoy access to the facilities of one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the USA. Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence which was written in July 1776. The city has many historic buildings where students can learn the history and culture of America. The ELP staff looks forward to meeting you.


Mr. William H. Gaskill, Director
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
American Language Center
Choosing the best Intensive English Program involves many things. Students must consider their specific learning goals, the quality and reputation of the school, the availability of further educational opportunities and student support services, as well as important considerations about location, environment, and the range of recreational and cultural activities outside the classroom. It is important to think carefully about what is best for you. We hope you will consider carefully UCLA Extension's American Language Center (ALC) for your English language study needs. Our programs offer you the opportunity to improve your English, meet other students on campus and have the best experience of your life. Along with wonderful facilities, our friendly staff will always be pleased to assist you in planning a study program in the United States and finding interesting things to do in or near the city. We hope to see you soon in Los Angeles!


Ms. Deanna R. Wormuth, Director
Georgetown University
English as a Foreign Language Program
The first president of the United States, George Washington, was born at this school founded in 1789. It is the oldest Catholic University of America and a prestigious school which has produced many famous diplomats and politicians. The school has a long history of actively recruiting students from overseas to engage in language education and learning to broaden understanding in international relations and culture. The school is located in a calm and beautiful setting surrounded by nature. Close by, many traditional buildings such as the White House, the Capitol Building and the Smithsonian Museums can be enjoyed. At the American Language Center, you can sharpen your English skills in a comfortable setting in Washington, D.C.