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Xavier University

Intensive English Program (IEP) [Cincinnati, Ohio]


  • Benefit from Xavier’s fully-accredited Intensive English Program, which has been providing high-quality English language instruction to students since 1970.
  • Study and receive full access to the facilities at Xavier University, which has been recognized as one of the nation’s best Midwestern universities.
  • Live in Cincinnati, Ohio, a beautiful, historic city which has the cultural attractions of a large city and the friendliness of a smaller town.

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  • Information
    • About the ESL Program
    • The Intensive English Program (IEP) was established as part of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1970. The mission of the program is to provide intensive English language instruction and academic training for international students who intend to enter American universities or improve their ability to use English for professional purposes. International students from all over the world choose this university-based program for its excellent teaching and outstanding student services. The Intensive English Program is accredited by The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and is a member of EnglishUSA (The American Association of Intensive English Programs, AAIEP). IEP instructors at Xavier University are trained and dedicated professionals who are well qualified to help international students master English and adjust to life in the United States. All IEP faculty at Xavier University have obtained graduate degrees in TESOL, applied linguistics, or a related specialty and have several years of professional experience.
    • DATA
    • Type : Private University
      Establishment : 1970
      Membership/Accreditation : EnglishUSA / CEA
      Enrollment : 100
      Average Class Size : 15
      Student Adviser : Available
      Airport Pickup : Available from School
      Internet Access : Available On-Campus
      Tuition : Medium
      Activities : Frequently Available
      Location : Urban
      Transportation : Bus, Train, Taxi
    • A Message from School
    • Warm greetings from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio! We are pleased that you are considering our program as part of your educational plans. For 45 years, the Intensive English Program at Xavier University has been providing language and academic training to international students just like you. You will find that our classes are rigorous and our teachers are caring: Together, these qualities help all of our students to be successful. Outside of class, you will find activities on campus sponsored by our Office of International Student and Scholar Services and many student clubs. If you want to explore on your own, Cincinnati is a city that offers something for everyone: the arts, music, sports and recreation of all kinds. If you have questions about our program, we invite you to contact us and we would be very glad to assist you.
      Jane Conzett
      Director, Intensive English Program (IEP)
      Xavier University
    • Xavier University
      Intensive English Program (IEP)

      3800 Victory Parkway
      Cincinnati, Ohio  45207  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (513) 745-2847
      FAX: +1 (513) 745-2876
      E-mail: conzett@xavier.edu
      Website: http://www.xavier.edu/esl/index.cfm
  • More Details
    • Student Countries of Origin
    • IEP hosts students from a diverse array of countries.
    • Faculty Qualifications
    • IEP instructors are trained, fully-certified professionals. Many instructors have lived and traveled abroad and have extensive experience teaching English to students from around the world. The personal and academic qualities of the instructors make each uniquely qualified to offer meaningful language-learning opportunities and to care deeply about their students.
    • Housing
    • While attending the IEP, students have the opportunity to experience living in on-campus dormitories. Living on-campus is convenient as classes are within walking distance and students can participate in readily available on-campus activities. Students are encouraged to make their housing arrangements as soon as possible due to the limited amount of space available. IEP may assist students in finding private off-campus apartments; however it is the students' responsibility to make their own arrangements. For more information, use the Contact Address to ask the school directly.
    • Surrounding Area
    • Xavier University is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, a beautiful, historic city on the Ohio River. The population of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area is slightly over 2 million people, a size that allows for the cultural attractions of a large city and the friendliness of a smaller town. The city's strong economy, many cultural and recreational activities, varied ethnic groups and relative safety have contributed to Cincinnati's reputation as one of the "Most Livable Cities in North America."
    • About the College/University
    • Xavier University is a private, Catholic, Jesuit University established in 1831. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has been recognized for the past several years as one of the nation's best Midwestern colleges and universities by US News and World Report. Xavier University has 6,450 students, including 4,200 full-time undergraduates. In addition to the ESL Program, the University offers more than 90 undergraduate majors, including biology; chemistry; engineering physics; land, agriculture & community; and sustainability, economics & management. 35 graduate programs in 3 colleges are available, including Montessori education; a TESOL master’s and certificate, sports administration, psychology, urban sustainability, health services administration and an AACSB-accredited MBA program. Xavier has a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio and offers many opportunities to study abroad on six continents. ESL students at Xavier have full access to campus facilities, including libraries, computer labs, dining services and recreational facilities. The Center for International Education provides students with arrival assistance, immigration advising, adjustment and personal assistance, as well as programs and activities. The CIE works closely with faculty, staff, campus organizations and community groups to ensure that international students have the greatest opportunity to achieve their academic and personal goals.
    • Conditional Admission / Credit Courses
    • Conditional Admission to the university is available for qualified students who complete the ESL program. (Undergraduate programs only)
  • Courses
    • Intensive English Program

    • About This Course
    • The ESL program curriculum was developed to prepare international students to study at American universities and to improve their English for professional purposes. The program follows the academic calendar at Xavier University so courses are offered three times a year; in the spring, summer and fall. Students are tested when they arrive and are placed in their level according to the results. The work for students is rigorous, and academic English is emphasized. Full-time students are in classes 4-5 hours a day (20-23 hours per week), and they complete several hours of homework each day.

      Four levels of instruction are offered: High Beginning, Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced. All students are expected to have studied some English prior to their arrival. Level One is a "High Beginning" level. A complete level covers 15 weeks (a regular Xavier semester) or 12 weeks in the Summer program. At the end of each term students are evaluated, and promotion to the next level is based on achievement, ability to meet learning outcomes, and test scores.

      Students in all four levels take required Core Courses. These include Listening and Speaking, Grammar, and Reading and Writing. Students can also qualify for optional, rotating electives. These courses vary each semester, and may include Oral Fluency, Career English, Pronunciation, and TOEFL preparation. Each course in the intensive English program has specific curricular goals, which lead to student learning outcomes.

      Classes above the beginning level offer some academic credit. Students at the intermediate level and above can earn up to 5 credit hours per semester. Students who enroll in a degree program at Xavier University can use these credits to satisfy the foreign language requirement or use them as elective credits. Students who complete the advanced level of the IEP can also apply for a competitive International Ambassador scholarship, which provides 50% reduced tuition for the undergraduate degree program at Xavier.
    • Course Data
    • CLASS SIZE: 15 - 17 Students
      CLASS LEVELS: 4 Levels
      COURSE LENGTH: 12,15 Weeks
      MINIMUM AGE: 17 Years Old
      REQUIREMENT: High School Graduate
      VISA INFORMATION: I-20 Issued Upon Request
      HOUSING: On-Campus Residence
    • Dates
    • 2017
      15 WEEKS:
      8/17 - 12/11

      12 WEEKS:
      5/11 - 8/6

      15 WEEKS:
      1/5 - 4/30

    • Fees
      TUITION FEE (2017-2018)
      12 WEEKS US$ 5,040
      15 WEEKS US$ 6,300
      12 WEEKS N/A US$ 3,000 (Incl. Meals) N/A
      15 WEEKS N/A US$ 4,000 (Incl. Meals) N/A
      Airport Pickup Service
      Free Airport Pickup Included
    • Remarks / Other Information
    • Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.
      Application fee is non-refundable.
      Housing fees listed include meals.
  • Location
    • United States Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Location
      Xavier University
      Intensive English Program (IEP)

      3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio  45207  U.S.A.
    • Getting To Your School
    • From Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport:
      School provides a free pick up service that brings students directly to campus in approximately 20 minutes.
  • Student Reviews
    • Academic Quality:
      School Environment:
      Helpfulness of Staff:
      Activities and Social Life:

    • There are 0 reviews for this school
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