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Mercer University

English Language Institute (ELI) [Atlanta, Georgia]


  • The English Language Institute (ELI) has provided quality English instruction to students from around the world for over 20 years and all teachers are highly qualified instructors with Masters degrees in TESOL or related subjects
  • ELI graduates have entered undergraduate and graduate programs at some of the best colleges and universities in the United States, including Mercer University
  • Students enjoy living in Atlanta, a major international city, which offers something for everyone including restaurants, shopping, sporting events, leisure activities and a comfortable climate

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  • Information
    • About the ESL Program
    • Established in 1986, the mission of the English Language Institute (ELI) at Mercer University is to help international students develop English language proficiency necessary for personal, academic, and professional success. The ELI faculty and staff provide a supportive community where students are encouraged to develop cross-cultural friendships and understand the concepts of global citizenship and international cooperation. The main goal of the ELI is to prepare students for academic programs at the university level. Students who have completed the ELI program have entered undergraduate and graduate programs at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world. The ELI offers intensive English programs with 8-week sessions and various start dates throughout the year. The ELI curriculum follows an integrated approach with instruction in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. In addition, students are able to select one elective class of their own choosing. Some options previously offered include fluency, conversation, advanced note taking, and vocabulary development. All instructors have a minimum of a master’s degree and many years of experience and the faculty are experienced and dedicated. The ELI program also offers students the same benefits as university degree students. Students enrolled in the ELI have access to campus health care services, the university libraries, gym cafeteria and bookstore. Students also have access to an International Student Advisor who will assist them during their time at Mercer University.
    • DATA
    • Type : Private University
      Establishment : 1986
      Membership/Accreditation : EnglishUSA, UCIEP, SACS
      Enrollment : 215
      Average Class Size : 16
      Student Adviser : Available
      Airport Pickup : Student Arranged
      Internet Access : Available On-Campus
      Tuition : Low
      Activities : Frequently Available
      Location : Urban
      Transportation : Bus, Train, Taxi
    • A Message from School
    • The English Language Institute (ELI) at Mercer University was founded in 1986 in order to serve the needs of exchange students whose English skills needed more development. Over the years, the program has grown to serve English language learners from diverse backgrounds and proficiency levels who are interested in earning a degree at a U.S. college or university. Located just inside the perimeter of downtown Atlanta, our program offers students a safe and comfortable academic environment close to a vibrant, multicultural, urban yet green community. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to the linguistic and personal growth of our students, and our family-like atmosphere provides students a warm and comfortable environment for this growth.
      Students at Mercer University’s ELI have the opportunity to engage with students, faculty, and staff from across campus and explore the possibilities of earning a degree from one of our 12 colleges and schools after completing our language program. Our goal is to ready our students for success on the path they choose forward from the ELI, whether that be in one of Mercer’s prestigious academic programs, at another college or university, in the business community here in the U.S., or in role they will return to in their home country.

      Ms. Julie Strecker
      English Language Institute (ELI) Director
      Mercer University
    • Mercer University
      English Language Institute (ELI)

      3001 Mercer University Drive
      Atlanta, Georgia  30341  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (678) 547-6151
      FAX: +1 (678) 547-6196
      E-mail: eli@mercer.edu
      Website: http://merceruniversity.mkttracker.com
  • More Details
    • Student Countries of Origin
    • The English Language Institute (ELI) hosts students from a diverse array of countries.
    • Faculty Qualifications
    • The instructors are trained, fully-certified professionals. Many instructors have lived and traveled abroad and have extensive experience teaching English to students from around the world. The personal and academic qualities of the instructors make each uniquely qualified to offer meaningful language-learning opportunities and to care deeply about their students.
    • Housing
    • The school provides students with the opportunity to live in on-campus dormitories, off-campus residences, or enjoy a homestay experience. Students living on-campus will be close to classes, campus activities and other students. For students who prefer a more independent lifestyle, off-campus residences provide more privacy and offer opportunities to interact with people in the community outside the campus environment. The school also arranges homestays for those students who want to experience local culture first-hand as a member of a family and practice their conversational English. Students are encouraged to make their housing arrangements as early as possible due to the limited amount of space available. Private off-campus apartments are also available; however students must make their own arrangements. For more information, use the Contact Address to ask the school directly.
    • Surrounding Area
    • Mercer University and the English Language Institute are located near the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and a world-class, modern city with a rich history. It is an international city where many students from all over the world come to study. With a population of 5 million in the metropolitan area, Atlanta is the largest city in the state and has a moderate climate, which enables students to enjoy many outdoor activities such as mountain hiking and picnicking in local parks. Another benefit of the region is that it has an affordable cost of living compared with many other large cities in the United States. The city is convenient for those coming from around the world as the main airport is considered the primary transportation hub in the Southeastern United States. Atlanta is the leading financial, retail, industrial and communications center in the southeastern United States. With an increasing number of residents coming from other parts of the United States, the city is one of the most multi-cultural in the country. With more than 30 colleges and universities, Atlanta is considered a major center for higher education. Students can find many social and cultural opportunities such as art and music festivals, museums, theaters, professional sporting events, amusement parks and historical attractions.
    • About the College/University
    • Mercer University is a private university originally founded in 1833. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Mercer enrolls more than 8,500 students in 12 colleges and schools offering studies in liberal arts, business, engineering, education, music, continuing and professional studies, law, theology, medicine, pharmacy, nursing and health professions. The university has been ranked as one of the best values among comprehensive universities in the southern United States and is well-known in the country for excellent academic programs, exceptional faculty, and modern facilities. Mercer offers a wide range of programs, but also maintains an intimate, student-focused culture characteristic of smaller liberal arts colleges.
    • Conditional Admission / Credit Courses
    • Conditional Admission to the university is available for qualified students.
  • Courses
    • Full Intensive English Program

    • About This Course
    • The Full Intensive English Program is offered 6 times a year with 8-week sessions. Multiple level programs focus on the study of English grammar, writing, reading, listening/speaking, fluency, and test preparation. The goal of the ELI curriculum is to provide instruction and training in the English language and to familiarize international students with the educational methods of higher education institutions in the United States.

      The ELI has seven levels of instruction from true beginner to advanced. With hard work, students should be able to advance to the next level after one eight-week session. Classes are offered Monday through Friday in both mornings and afternoons. Students prepare for an average of 4 or 5 classroom hours a day. Core program courses are organized around the skills of Grammar/Writing, Reading/Vocabulary, and Listening/Speaking. Students may also choose to enroll in rotating elective courses focused on acute skill development such as note-taking, vocabulary-building, and pronunciation.

      Most Mercer University undergraduate programs and some graduate programs will consider highly qualified students for conditional admission before the student completes the ELI. Students interested in applying for conditional admission are encouraged to contact the ELI admissions staff to find out specific program requirements.

      Class sizes average from 15 to 18 students. Every effort is made to keep classes at an ideal size for effective English language instruction.
    • Course Data
    • CLASS SIZE: 15 - 18 Students
      CLASS LEVELS: 7 Levels
      COURSE LENGTH: 8,16,24,32 Weeks
      MINIMUM AGE: 18 Years Old
      REQUIREMENT: High School Diploma
      VISA INFORMATION: I-20 Issued Upon Request
      HOUSING: Dormitory/On-Campus Apartment
      Off-Campus Residence
    • Dates
    • 2018
      8 WEEKS:
      7/5 - 8/17
      Apply by 6/5
      8/22 - 10/17
      Apply by 7/23
      10/18 - 12/13
      Apply by 9/18

      16 WEEKS:
      7/5 - 10/17
      Apply by 6/5
      8/22 - 12/13
      Apply by 7/23
      10/18 - 3/1
      Apply by 9/18

      24 WEEKS:
      7/5 - 12/13
      Apply by 6/5
      8/22 - 3/1
      Apply by 7/23
      10/18 - 5/2
      Apply by 9/18

      32 WEEKS:
      7/5 - 3/1
      Apply by 6/5
      8/22 - 5/2
      Apply by 7/23

      8 WEEKS:
      1/3 - 3/1
      Apply by 12/3
      3/7 - 5/2
      Apply by 2/7

      16 WEEKS:
      1/3 - 5/2
      Apply by 12/3

    • Fees
      US$ 150 (One-Time Only)
      TUITION FEE (2018-2019)
      8 WEEKS US$ 2,125
      16 WEEKS US$ 4,250
      24 WEEKS US$ 6,375
      US$ 150 (On-Campus Housing ONLY)
      8 WEEKS US$ 1,715 - 2,115 US$ 1,610 - 1,790 US$ 800 - 1,450
      Airport Pickup Service
      Student Arranged (Taxi, Bus or Car Service)
      Health Insurance (Optional)
      US$ 334 (Per 8 Week Session)
    • Remarks / Other Information
    • Dates and fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.
      Application fee is non-refundable.
      Homestay fees include meals.
  • Location
    • United States Atlanta, Georgia
    • Location
      Mercer University
      English Language Institute (ELI)

      3001 Mercer University Drive Atlanta, Georgia  30341  U.S.A.
    • Getting To Your School
    • From Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport:
      It is the student's responsibility to arrange their own transportation from the airport to campus. Taxis are available at the airport. It will cost approximately US$45 and will arrive on campus in 30 minutes. The campus is also accessible by a combination of bus and subway.
  • Student Reviews
    • Academic Quality: 4.4
      School Environment: 4.3
      Helpfulness of Staff: 4.9
      Activities and Social Life: 4.4
      Accommodation: 3.8


    • There are 7 reviews for this school

    • Hangsun Lee
      [ Seoul, Korea, Male ]  2016/3/1
      My English Skills Have Been Improving
      While I was studying at Mercer ELI, I realized that this school is great! Mercer ELI has a very nice campus with a lot of facilities such as library, cafeteria, gym, swimming pool, and dormitory. Mercer ELI, also, has lots of extra student activities such as various trips and parties, coffee talk, and international day. I have been so surprised at these varieties. However, the best part is that Mercer ELI has excellent teachers. They have a lot of experience and knowledge. They, in addition, know well how to teach to foreign students. Anyway, my English skills have been improving fast with them, and I assuredly commend Mercer ELI to you.
      Was this review helpful to you? Yes  No 

      Marie-Erwan Doffou
      [ Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, Female ]  2016/3/1
      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
      Making You Feel More Confident
      It’s a great experience to study abroad when you’ve chosen the right university. Being a Mercer student is very interesting because the office workers and all the teachers make you feel confident. They know their jobs and they are respectful about your country and your culture. In my case, I really got what I expected, the knowledge, friends, good atmosphere and open-minded teachers. Whatever where you comes from, whatever your language, you’re welcome here, and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it.
      Was this review helpful to you? Yes  No 

      Viviane Rabelo
      [ Sao Paulo, Brazil, Female ]  2016/3/1
      1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
      Unforgettable Experience
      Coming to the ELI program at Mercer is a wonderful and unforgettable experience that someone can have in order to improve one’s English. The teachers are very kind and experienced. They are always trying to do their best to help all the students and to give interesting classes with great topics. Besides studying English, at Mercer, we meet new friends and learn about other cultures. The campus is very beautiful and we have so many things to do such as going to the gym, to the swimming pool, and playing sports. We have different opportunities to practice our English as well like Coffee Talk and games meeting. I really enjoy being a Mercer student; it is a good memory for one’s life.
      Was this review helpful to you? Yes  No 

      Roanna Amaro
      [ Sao Paulo, Brazil, Female ]  2016/3/1
      3 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
      There are so many interesting things in being an ELI student. The best thing is the friendships with many people from other countries. Those activities that are offered by Mercer like the Bible Study, Coffee Talk, and the ski trip are great. They are really important to create this moment for the students. My teachers are really great too. They are always willing to help me in any kind of problems or doubts that I have. The university also have so many facilities for students. The Sheffield building is the best place to have fun inside the campus. They offer swimming pool, gym, and games all day. We can have a lot of fun in Mercer University.
      Was this review helpful to you? Yes  No 

      Kuo-Hung Yeh
      [ Taipei, Taiwan, Male ]  2016/3/1
      Proud to Be a Mercer Student
      I am so proud of being a Mercer ELI student. In Mercer ELI, you will have a good environment and opportunity to improve your English and make friends with people from different countries. Moreover, you will find out that all the teachers around you will be so conscientious and helpful whenever you need help. You will have good days with your classmates and friends, sharing your experiences and opinions and you will be proud of yourself as well.
      Was this review helpful to you? Yes  No 

      Daisuke Motoyama
      [ Tokyo, Japan, Male ]  2016/3/1
      Exchange With My Friends
      Our school is excellent and very exciting. We came here to study English, but we have a great time in addition to studying here. For example, I have many international friends because we help each other here. Friends whom I met here are like teachers and real siblings at times. Also we attend a wonderful class, our teachers are kind and fun to be with. They teach us not only English, but a lot of things about American culture and customs. I really relish my lessons and exchange with many friends
      Was this review helpful to you? Yes  No 

      Ozgur Atabay
      [ Ankara, Turkey, Male ]  2016/3/1
      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
      A Great Experience for Me
      While I was improving my communication and writing skills during my education at ELI, I also had the opportunity to learn about American culture and American social life during my session. My favorite aspect of ELI is the friendliness and helpfulness of the teachers and students. They encourage you, comfort you, and inspire you. I felt very comfortable in the classes to ask questions, even when I was unsure about my choice of words to be used. It has been a great experience for me. Thanks are due to all my instructors and my class friends for the great time we spend together at Mercer University.
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