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University of Oregon

American English Institute [Eugene, OR]


  • Access to the high-tech Yamada Language Center and individual tutoring by university students
  • Academically-qualified students may be admitted to the University without a TOEFL score
  • Enjoy exploring the nearby Cascade Mountains, Pacific Ocean beaches, and Oregon’s unspoiled natural beauty

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  • Information
    • About the ESL Program
    • Since its founding in 1977, the American English Institute (AEI) at the University of Oregon has provided intensive English language instruction to international students wanting to enter American universities or to learn English for personal or professional purposes. The AEI’s primary goal is to enhance students’ individual growth and global understanding through English language and intercultural learning, teaching and research opportunities. While attending the AEI, students gain full access to the University campus facilities, including the library, sports facilities, computer laboratories with Internet access, and the student health center.

      The AEI has full accreditation from CEA (The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation) and is a proud member of UCIEP (University and College Intensive English Programs), an independent consortium of university and college-administered intensive English Programs in the United States, and EnglishUSA(The American Association of Intensive English Programs) which promotes professional standards and quality instruction in intensive English programs.
    • DATA
    • Type : Public University
      Establishment : 1977
      Membership/Accreditation : UCIEP, EnglishUSA/CEA
      Enrollment : 450 - 650
      Average Class Size : 15
      Student Adviser : Yes
      Airport Pickup : Yes
      Internet Access : Yes
      Tuition : Medium
      Activities : Occasional
      Location : Urban
      Transportation : Bus
    • A Message from School
    • Welcome to the American English Institute! The AEI is proudly housed on the University of Oregon campus, a nationally ranked and internationally recognized institution, located in Eugene, in the beautiful state of Oregon. Students from all over the world call AEI their second home. For many of these students, AEI was the beginning of their UO experience and for others, AEI was their home away from home as they participated on a study abroad or professional English language and culture training.

      The program at the AEI can provide you with intensive English program for non-UO students (18-23 hours per week) or credit classes (3 credits per class) for admitted UO students. The instructors at the AEI are excellent; most have taught internationally and many continue to partner with ministries of education, universities, and private industries all around the world.

      Classes in the AEI are small, 15-18 students, so you will receive attention and have the chance to participate. While working with students from around the world, you will become more confident in your English and you will have many chances to use English in your daily life, academic life, and even professional life.

      Join us at the AEI. We would be happy to welcome you into our classrooms.
      Dr. Cheryl Ernst,
      Executive Director
      Academic Programs and Research
      American English Institute
      University of Oregon
    • University of Oregon
      American English Institute
      107 Pacific Hall

      5212 University of Oregon
      Eugene, OR  97403-5212  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 541 346-3945
      FAX: +1 541 346-3917
      E-mail: aei@uoregon.edu
      Website: http://aei.uoregon.edu
  • More Details
    • Student Countries of Origin
    • The Applied English Institute hosts students from as many as 30 different countries around the world each year. Recently, the top language groups that have come to the AEI to study English are Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Arabic.
    • Faculty Qualifications
    • All AEI instructors are University of Oregon faculty members with master's or PhD degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Linguistics, or in closely related fields. AEI instructors are talented, experienced professionals and have extensive knowledge of other cultures from having taught abroad. The AEI faculty are internationally-recognized for their work in English language training, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), and curriculum development.
    • Housing
    • While attending the AEI, students have the opportunity to experience living in on-campus dormitories. Students living on-campus will be close to classes, campus activities and other students – both American and international. The AEI also arranges homestays for students who want to experience American culture as a member of a family to practice their English. Students are encouraged to arrange their housing as soon as possible due to the limited amount of space available. The AEI may introduce students to private off-campus apartments; however, it is the students’ responsibility to make their own arrangements. For more information, use the Contact Address information to ask the school directly.
    • Surrounding Area
    • The 280-acre U of O campus is located in the center of Eugene, a friendly, charming city situated in the heart of the Willamette Valley and home to 130,000 people. With the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers running through the downtown area, Eugene is a healthy, active city in touch with its natural surroundings and is bordered by more than 250 miles of running trails and paved bike paths. The summer and fall seasons in Eugene are warm and dry, while the winter and spring are pleasantly cool and rainy. Outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to go hiking, camping or skiing in the Cascade Mountains, an easy 1 hour drive east of the downtown area, or explore the calming beaches of the Pacific Ocean, an hour’s drive west. Famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, Oregon’s visitors and residents have endless opportunities to explore the state’s picturesque beaches, mountains, deserts, rivers, and rich green valleys. The people of Oregon are proud of their state and are concerned with maintaining the high quality of life which it offers. Portland, Oregon’s largest city, is a two-hour drive north while the cosmopolitan city of Seattle is a five-hour drive to the north. Eugene’s airport has frequent connections to the international airports of Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver.
    • About the College/University
    • Established in 1876, the University of Oregon (U of O) is a nationally and internationally recognized public research institution committed to intellectual freedom and excellence in scholarship, research, teaching, and artistic and professional achievement. The U of O is a member of the Association of American Universities – one of the most prestigious associations of colleges and universities in the world. Home to 25,000 students with about 8% of the student body being international students, the U of O’s spacious, green campus is comprised of seven colleges offering undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 70 areas of specialization. The U of O is especially noted for their outstanding programs in the areas of physical and biological sciences, mathematics, computer sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, architecture, business administration, education, law, journalism, and music. Outside of the classroom, U of O students are actively involved in more than 250 different student organizations, including political and environmental groups, professional and cultural heritage organizations, religious groups, and service programs. The University’s popular Outdoor Program takes advantage of Oregon’s beautiful natural surroundings and offers students countless wilderness adventures.
    • Conditional Admission / Credit Courses
    • Conditional Admission to the university is available for qualified students (Undergraduate programs only). No TOEFL score is required if students complete the highest level of the AEI. AEI offers academic English courses for credit for matriculated students. This is in addition to the Continuing Education Program (CEP) at the University of Oregon.
  • Courses
    • Intensive English Program

    • About This Course
    • The Intensive English Program offers four 10-week sessions each year. Students receive 18-22 hours of in-class instruction per week in order to prepare themselves for academic work at the University of Oregon or at similar academic institutions.

      The Program offers 7 levels of English classes, from beginning to advanced. During their first week at the Program, AEI students are tested in listening, speaking, writing, reading, vocabulary, and grammar to help determine the level best-suited to their ability. Each level is divided into two combined skill areas: oral communication, which emphasizes speaking and listening, and written communication, which emphasizes reading and writing.

      In the oral communication classes, students develop their listening and speaking abilities by practicing real-language tasks. The focus ranges from basic communication skills at the lower levels to academic preparation skills at the upper levels. Activities include fluency practice, oral presentations, problem solving, interviews with native speakers, note taking, and pronunciation. In Reading / Writing / Grammar class, students develop their reading comprehension, speed, and vocabulary by working with carefully selected texts that are appropriate to their course levels. These materials form the basis for writing assignments that develop writing fluency, organization, development, and revision skills. Grammar instruction emphasizes the ability to use new and reviewed structures in written and oral work.

      In addition to classroom instruction, students also expand their educational experience through added elective courses to study areas such as TOEFL preparation, business English, movies, cross-cultural relationships, and pronunciation. Advanced students may take a limited number of regular university classes at no additional cost, under the supervision of the Academic Advisor.

      Classroom sizes average 15 students per class. Electives courses may range from 8-35 students.
    • Course Data
    • CLASS SIZE: 15 students
      CLASS LEVELS: 7 levels
      COURSE LENGTH: 10 weeks
      MINIMUM AGE: 17 years old
      REQUIREMENT: High School diploma
      VISA INFORMATION: I-20 issued upon request
      HOUSING: Dormitory or On-Campus Apartment
      Off-Campus Residence
    • Dates
    • 2019
      10 WEEKS:
      3/29 - 6/7
      Apply by 2/1
      6/21 - 8/30
      Apply by 4/26
      9/27 - 12/6
      Apply by 5/10

    • Fees
      US$ 110
      TUITION FEE (2019)
      10 WEEKS US$ 3,975
      $150 (for homestay students, only)
      10 WEEKS US$ 1,625 US$ 2,919-4,100 US$ 1,955
      Airport Pickup Service
      University Fee
      US$ 512-711
      Health Insurance Fee
      US$ 854
    • Remarks / Other Information
    • Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.
      Application fee is non-refundable.
      On-campus housing fees include meals.
  • Location
    • United States Eugene, Oregon
    • Location
      University of Oregon
      American English Institute
      107 Pacific Hall

      5212 University of Oregon Eugene, OR  97403-5212  U.S.A.
    • Getting To Your School
    • From Eugene Airport:
      School provides a free pick up service that brings students directly to campus. It takes approximately 20 minutes. Taxis that cost approximately US$15 and arrive on campus in 20 minutes are also available. Additionally, the campus is accessible by buses that run on a limited schedule.
  • Student Reviews
    • Academic Quality: 4.0
      School Environment: 5.0
      Helpfulness of Staff: 4.5
      Activities and Social Life: 3.8
      Accommodation: 4.0


    • There are 4 reviews for this school

    • Dongsuk Song
      [ Seoul, Korea, Age 32, Male ]  2009/3/5
      10 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
      U. of Oregon
      Just for me, it was a pretty good chance to make my career better through U of Oregon. I got a Bachelor of Science, Economics Degree in 2004. I can say one very good thing strongly is that Eugene is the purest city I have ever seen. It has nothing to do with the school quality, but if somebody give me a question about U of Oregon, I can not help but say good things about Eugene's atmosphere^^. But if you want to know more, just give it more time! Work hard!
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    • ApplyESL claims no responsibility for errors in, or the quality of, machine translations provided by Google Translate.

      [ 서울, 대한민국, Age 35, Male ]  2009/3/8
      3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
      University of Oregon
      겨울동안 내리는 비가 절대로 싫지 않은 곳 에 위치한 학교는 공기좋고 여유롭죠. 봄부터 시작되는 밝고 청명한 날씨는 그야말로 최고라고 할수 있고, 자연을 쉽게 접할 수 있어서 더욱 좋습니다.
      미국에 위치한 어학코스 중에서는 한국 학생이 비교적 적은 편이라 할 수 있죠. 그래서 영어를 사용할 기회가 더욱 많아 지는것도 사실이고 커리큘럼이 미국학교 대학 진학을 하는데 도움을 줄수 있는 부분으로 많이 꾸며져 있어서 에세이 등의 숙제가 꾸준하게 나갑니다.
      어학연수와 자연을 한번에 만끽 하고 싶으시다면
      적극 추천 할만한 학교라고 생각합니다.

      Clara Yoon
      [ Seoul, Republic of Korea, Age 24, Female ]  2009/3/7
      1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
      아름다운 주위환경 그리고 미국 대학 문화
      2005년 겨울, 어학연수를 내 손으로 직접 정해 가겠다고 마음먹은 후 우연히 ApplyESL을 인터넷에서 알게 되었습니다. 이 사이트는 직접 제일 고려되는 아시아인 비율이나 주위 환경, 수업료등을 확인할 수 있고 직접 컨택트할 수 있는 장점으로 어플라이하게 되었고 2006년 3월말부터 2007년 1월초까지 어학연수를 마쳤습니다. 예상되로 한국인의 비율도 적었으며 오레건 특유의 광활한 자연환경에서 즐겁게 생활하고 돌아왔습니다.

      [ 서울, 대한민국 ]  2009/12/21
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