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Are Online and Mailed Applications Evaluated Equally?

The online application is welcomed by admissions office staff. Both online and mailed applications are considered official applications by schools and they are identical in content and format. In fact, since the data from online applications goes directly into the school''s admissions database, online applicants have the security of knowing that their applications will not be delayed or lost in the mail. ApplyESL.com is pleased to provide students with an online application and we strongly encourage you use it to apply to your school.

Do Schools Prefer to Receive a Paper or Online Application?

Whenever possible, schools tend to prefer that students apply online. The online application that schools receive is neat and orderly, and can be printed out at the school''s convenience. It is also more convenient in that schools can email applicants right away and let them know that their application was successfully submitted. The online application is easy for schools to process and can be reviewed more quickly.

How Do I Know the School Received my Application?

Once you have submitted your application online through ApplyESL.com, you will receive an automatic confirmation email from us. This e-mail will inform you that your application has been received by your chosen school''s admissions office. Once the school has received your application, the staff will usually contact the applicant within 72 hours to follow up on the application and the next steps the student needs to take.

What will my Application Look Like to the Admissions Committee?

Your application will look the same to the admissions staff whether you submit it online or through the mail. The online application enables schools to view your entire application instantly both online and in paper format if necessary. After submitting your online application, ApplyESL.com staff will also follow up with your school to make sure that the process towards enrollment is a smooth one for you.

Do I Need to Mail Anything to the School After Submitting my Application Online?

Your school might ask you for additional documents (such as a health report and financial statement) that are required to complete the process. These required documents vary depending on the school. When all the required documents and payments have been sent to the school''s Admissions Office, you will be sent documents you will need to apply for a student visa if necessary and prepared to take any additional steps towards enrolling in your chosen ESL program.