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Frequently Asked Questions and Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions and Q&A

Rie Tanaka Midei


Hi. I'm from Japan and currently a local community college student in Tucson, Arizona. I'm married to an American citizen and have a US permanent resident card. I am interested in taking a business english course at university in the U.S. Am I eligible for applying to the ESL business course?


Greetings from ApplyESL.com!

Thank you for your question.
American citizens and US Permanent residents are also eligible to take ESL courses.
When you apply, be sure to note your status on the application.
Also, make sure you indicate that you do not require an I-20 form.

Some of the schools listed at ApplyESL offer Business courses.
Feel free to contact us at applyesl@discointer.com with additional questions.

ApplyESL.com Study Advisor