Frequently Asked Questions
About ApplyESL.com
Question:  Who operates ApplyESL.com?
Question:  What can I do at ApplyESL.com?
Question:  Who uses ApplyESL.com?
Question:  How are ApplyESL.com services different from those of a traditional placement agent?
About Applying Online
Question:  Do I need to pay any fee to use ApplyESL.com services?
Question:  What does the term ''Direct Online Application'' mean?
Question:  What are the advantages of online applications?
Question:  How do schools prefer to receive applications, online or by mail?
Question:  How will I know whether the school I applied to has received my online application?
Question:  How will my online application look to the school''s admissions office?
Question:  What is the next step I need to take after submitting my application online?
Question:  If I want to cancel my application, what do I need to do?
Question:  Do ESL (English as a Second Language) programs have application deadlines?
Question:  Do I need to pay a second application fee if I apply to two different courses?
Question:  Do I need to have my own credit card to pay the school''s application fee?
Question:  How do I make corrections to my application after I have already submitted it online?
About the Application Process
Question:  Can I really complete the application process by myself?
Question:  How proficient in English do I need to be to complete the application process myself?
Question:  What do I need to do if I want to change my course before I arrive?
Question:  When I contact my school by email, what information should I provide?
Question:  What should I do if I do not receive a response from my school after sending the application?
Question:  What do I need to do if I do not receive a response from the school after submitting my required documents?
Question:  How do I pay the school''s application fee?
Question:  How do I pay the school''s deposit?
Question:  How much money do I need to guarantee on my financial statements?
Question:  If I provide the school with my family member''s bank statement, what supporting documents do I need to send?
Question:  Who should write my recommendation letter and what should the letter include?
Question:  Are copies of official documents acceptable to send to my school?
Question:  Can I extend the length of my study once I arrive at the school?
Question:  What steps do I need to take if I choose to transfer to a different school?
Question:  If I am issued two I-20 forms for different programs in the United States, which I-20 form do I need to submit to the American Embassy or Consulate to begin processing my student visa?
Question:  Can I remain in the United States while my student visa is still valid?
Question:  Can I change my non-student visa while in the United States?